//what should my baby wear to sleep?

what should my baby wear to sleep?

I am a big fan of baby sleeping bags and always recommend them to families I work with. They help keep little one’s snug during naps & at nightime. They can also act as a sleep cue, so when your little one is all zipped up and cosy they know it’s time for sleep! As the seasons change, you may need to change your little one’s sleeping bag or what they are wearing underneath.  
Sleeping bags usually come in 3 sizes…
0-6 months (check with the brand as they can usually only be used from newborn if baby is a certain weight)
6-18 months
18-36 months
Have a look at the table below showing what is recommended, depending on the room temperature (optimum room temp is 16-20 degrees). It’s also a good idea to check with the specific brand when purchasing. Make sure they are well fitted and baby can’t wriggle down inside.
The sleeping bag in the photo is the brilliant ‘Clever Sleeping Bag’ by Baby Mori – they sell a beautiful range of sleep ware for little ones.





















I hope you find these tips useful, please feel free to share with anyone who may need some advice. If you would like some 1-2-1 help with your little one, please get in touch and I would be happy to help.

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