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app faqs

Here are some of the app’s most common FAQs:
These include information such as when you should start using the app and which of the 2 methods to use based on the age of your child. You can also watch the introductory video on The Baby Guru App.

It’s not a good idea to start sleep coaching when babies are poorly, teething, in pain from intolerances, allergies, reflux, under 4 months old, due to travel within 2-3 weeks’ time.

Every baby is different but in general the first night is the longest. It can be just 45 minutes before they settle to sleep but it can take a lot longer.

There is only one time you clock watch and that’s the initial 10 minutes, after that it’s about listening to them and following the crying scale suggestions but also listening to their response once you have been in and out.

I wouldn’t suggest you start the sleep coaching while cutting teeth, once they have mastered the method and wake in the night due to teething then of course give them the normal medications or homeopathic remedies, teething gels or teething granules you normally give. Give them a cuddle until they are calm, and the remedy has helped and then put them down again.

I wouldn’t recommend that you start sleep coaching if your baby has a bad cold or cough. Once they have mastered self-settling and have a cold or cough then of course respond with a cuddle and any medications or remedies you may give. Once they’re better you may have to do a little sleep coaching again if bad habits have set back in.

You have been in and reassured them that you are there and that they need to go to sleep. Some babies just over the 6 months also respond to the cuddle calm continue method rather than just a stroke of the head and reassurance if that’s the case great, others find it stimulating and you will just lengthen the process. Still come out, sleep coaching can be tough so hang in there.

Have your baby soiled his/her nappy as this can often happen while sleep coaching? If so, change them and carry on. You stay in there for as long as it takes with a rock / shush / pat or whatever you need to calm them down before putting them back down again.

If they are able to lay back down themselves then tell them that you would like them to lay back down and pat the mattress, if they cannot or they will not then lay them back down. They may get straight back up, that’s fine do not stay and battle with them. You have reassured them you are there so leave the room.

When using the Cuddle, Calm, Continue method it’s for as long as they need, but remember it’s not until they have gone to sleep. If using the Respond, Reassure, Repeat method then you are in there less than a minute.

Set the cot up with some of your baby’s favourite toys and let them have a play in there while you prepare their bath time routine . Making sure they can see you or you return every 20-30 seconds to reassure them if fussing. If they are used to a dark room at home, then travel black-out blinds are great for helping with late summer evenings and early mornings while on holiday.

Follow your usual bedtime routine with their bath maybe a little story, feed and then put them down. They may need lots of visits for reassurance before going to sleep. If it ends up they will not settle and you end up going back to old habits that’s fine, enjoying your holiday is the most important thing and once you are home you go back to using the sleep coaching if needed and they soon pick it up again.

If your baby soils his or her nappy, then of course change them as quietly as possible, and with as little light as possible and then put them back down and carry on with the sleep coaching method.

If you have been consistent with your method for two weeks for both naps and nights and have seen no improvement then stop. I would suggest seeing your Gp to check that there nothing underlying going on. Some little ones are just not ready sleep coaching at that time so take a break for a few weeks. The app is always at hand and can be used whenever you need it

Once downloaded the App can be used at any time, so if things slip and old habits or new habits start, then log back in and have the support and tools to get through it, getting that all important night’s sleep again.

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