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behaviour coaching

From terrible twos to troublesome threes, there is no doubt that having a little one can sometimes be hard work.

Why does my child misbehave?

  • They are developing, not just physically but emotionally too with no idea how to handle their newly discovered feelings.
  • Children have temper tantrums for many different reasons such as they are frustrated or exhausted, but the trouble is, they don’t have the verbal skills to explain what is wrong
  • They say ‘NO’ because they are tired.
  • Bedtime can quickly become a losing battle with children wanting ‘one last bedtime story’, endless trips to the bathroom and the urge to have yet another drink before they sleep with different excuses!
  • They may hit and bite because they are tired and they don’t have the verbal skills to ask politely for the toy back or have longer playing with something.
  • Also because they don’t understand; they feel stressed and anxious.
  • Children can go through stages of separation anxiety which causes them to feel stressed, even when they have been in a nursery from a young age.

the 3 golden rules


Take a minute to assess their behavior before responding


Create clear and consistent boundaries – keep to these


Respond to the good behavior and try to ignore the bad behavior or reduce attention given to this type of attention seeking

your role

  • To try to develop understanding of developmentally appropriate behaviours and patterns
  • Create a calm and positive atmosphere at home by trying to focus on your balanced and calm response

  • Try to ensure that all the members of the family, in your child’s life work together to ensure consistency, giving the best possible chance of understanding how they behave.
child behaviour coaching

how i can help

I can share my tried and tested methods with you, having helped over 450 babies in the last 10 years.  I have worked with celebrities and wonderful families all over the world. A telephone and email package includes, 4 weeks of training and support.