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sleep advice

sometimes a little bit of guidance and a few friendly words is all you need

the pathway to responsive sleep

This graph shows your baby’s sleep cycles from around 4 months old.  It shows the transition from falling asleep into rem sleep, (rapid eye movement) through non-rem, deep sleep and back into rem or light sleep . Many babies wake after one sleep cycle around 30-45 minutes when they enter the light sleep again, unable to get back into deep non-rem sleep. If your baby has had help in getting to sleep initially then they may will need your support again when they have woken up during the return to rem sleep, whereas, if they have settled alone, they should be able to get back into the next sleep cycle independently. The Pathway to Responsive Sleep, helps you to determine their level of cry, knowing when to go in and what to do, helping your baby get to sleep by themselves.

baby's night sleep cycle

fallen asleep

Start of their sleep cycle.

rem sleep

Active sleep, where your baby easily awakes.

light rem sleep

Deeper sleep with slow rhythmic breathing.

non-rem sleep

Restorative deep sleep, where your baby grows and heals.

rem sleep

more aware of their surrounding so baby easily awakes.

Baby's Night Sleep Cycle

KEY: REM = Rapid Eye Movement

guru top tips

From what to take to the hospital when you go to give birth, through to those first few tentative days with a new baby, and into the beginning stages of weaning – so many questions arise, when should you be feeding? These guides should help to answer those questions and give a bit of reassurance.

more helpful resources


Sam is asked lots of questions about baby behaviour. She’s compiled a list of most frequently asked questions here. 

48 hour diary

Before your first consultation, Sam will ask you complete a sleep or behaviour diary. You can download the diary here.


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