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introducing a bottle guide + 2 weeks support


Passing one feed to your partner, or perhaps popping out would be nice, so you express and leave a bottle. Baby adamantly refuses to accept the bottle. This can be incredibly challenging and emotionally distressing for you. This guide is for Mums who wish to introduce a bottle to their breastfed baby and can be used to begin combination feeding or to switch over to bottle feeding completely.

What does the guide cover?

  • recommendations on which bottles to try
  • expressing and storing breast milk
  • a simple, 5-day guide & top tips for when they refuse the bottle
  • 2 weeks support (via text, email or pre-arranged calls)

Once you have made your purchase, the download will be sent to you via email. If you have any questions or would like your 2 weeks support to begin please contact Sam by emailing

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